Welcome to the one and only ask blog for the slash pairing known as KoJu.

For those not in the know KoJu is a Penguins of Madagascar pairing, Kowalski/Julien.

Here you can ask the couple whatever you have on your mind.

Keep in mind that this blog is in keeping with TsuYagami's canon.

Maximeloonatic asked: Maybe I shouldn’t ask questions that will cause more tension but… What the heck!? ^^ How EXCACTLY did Julien get prengnat??

((I have done extensive research on this condition and also know that there are variables not touched upon but this is more about being respectful to those with the condition and merging it with my own interpretation that works for my canon.

Hopefully this is a bit more clear and concise about how things work, sorry for the anatomy lesson. XDD

— Tsu.)) 

Stitchpunk1 asked: So Kowalski you say you wouldn’t mind repeating that experience. How did it go the second time around with Persephone?

Maximeloonatic asked: How was Julien’s first childbirth? It was hard, it was beautifull, it was horrible…?

And so they did. X///D

(( Sorry about the lack of updates, getting my booty in gear and trying to catch up on all my work, asks will be answered as time permits, thank you for your yummy patience! ))

Meganagent13 asked: This question is more for Skipper. Has Julien tried to kill you yet?

Meganagent13 asked: Kowalski, does Julien ever get mad about Persy expecting a baby?

Just want to say thank you to everyone who are asking questions, so many of them are so awesome and I want to draw them all out!

So just an update to say that I am and to keep such awesome inquiries coming, I will do my best to work faster and have all the fun I can with answering them all!

— Tsu ♥

Neverswimalone asked: Does Kowalski get angry about Skipper’s relationship with Persy?

Scooby82101 asked: Lilith and Persephone…how did your folks react when you told them your “secrets”?

((working,working,working. Have a lot on my plate but will get it all done!))